Total Email Protection Solutions

Barracuda Essentials

Make email safe for business with award-winning email-filtering, spam blocking, encryption, archiving, and backup.

Barracuda Sentinel

Protects users and data from targeted spear phishing attacks and acount takeover with an A.I. engine that detects threats that traditional email gateways cannot.

Barracuda PhishLine

Complete training and spear phishing simulation platform that empowers users to recognize email threats not only at work but also from devices that are not protected by corporate email gateways.

Why Email Protection?

  • The volume of spam emails increased over 4x in the last year
  • One in 131 emails contained malware in 2016 - the highest rate in 5 years.
  • Two thirds of all malware was installed via email attachments in 2016.
  • 60% of malware was packaged in JavaScript attachments.
  • 26% was packaged in malicious macros embedded in Microsoft Office documents.

Barracuda 'Total Email Protection'

Essentials + Sentinel + PhishLine

Barracuda Total Email Protection ensures your organization is secured against email-borne threats. Its multi-layered approach combines the most advanced protection available with the radical simplicity and ease of use that Barracuda’s known for.

Get the industry’s best protection against socially engineered business email attacks, fraud, account takeover, and brand hijacking.
Use integrated intelligent training and simulation to turn your people into another line of defense against phishing—even on personal accounts.
The full portfolio of data protection capabilities provides resiliency, and easy recovery from ransomware and accidental data loss.

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