Instant insights into your data compliance and security

Instant insights into your data compliance and security

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Who are we?

MRE Consulting is a Houston-based, full-service professional services firm that understands both business and technology.

We have a 25+ year successful track record within many industries, including energy, engineering, construction and finance. Within the energy industry, we have an especially deep knowledge of commodities trading and risk management (CTRM).

Our capabilities range from full-time employee placement to strategic assessments of your entire company — all in one place. Our clients, many of which are Fortune 1000 companies, rely on our expertise, objective insight and ability to deliver innovative, customized answers to even the toughest technology and business challenges.

Our hybrid business model remains unmatched by any competitor. Through our “One Firm” approach, you can receive support from one or all of our three delivery models — SolutionsServices and Staffing — in one place, from one vendor.


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Is your Business in need of immediate IT support?

Emergency and After-Hours IT Support rates may vary between $200/hr. and $400/hr. depending on complexity

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